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We repair and service Bratt Pans of all types.

Lets get your bratt pan working again.

Call now 0800 334 5221.


Get a bratt pan engineer to your site today, call now.

Fast and helpful service to get your Bratt Pan working.

Bratt pan (electric or gas) repair specialists.

We repair and service all types of commercial electric, natural gas and LPG gas bratt pans of all manufacturer types. Bratt Pans are manufactured by various companies of which we can provide repairs and services to all of them. 

We check and repair all aspects of electric and gas powered bratt pans. We check taps, burners, pressure of gas burners, thermocouples, stats for gas bratt pans.  We check working operation of control panels, electrical connections, heating elements, earth continuity, insulation resistance for electric bratt pans.

We provide repairs of: Firex bratt pan epairs, electrolux bratt pan repairs, Bue Seal bratt pan repairs, Mareno bratt pan repairs, Falcon bratt pan repairs and other brands. 


Daily maintenance for your bratt pan(s) - to limit repairs:

  • Daily maintenance and care is recommended for prolonged life of the appliance as well as energy saving purposes. 

  • Every day cleaning, especially at the end of each service. If this bratt pan cleaning is not carried out every day this can have an affect on the amount of energy used to provide the same results. Thus lowering running cost & unplanned maintenance

  • Teaching site staff how to use appliances correctly or having a "company use guidelines" is essential in energy consumption saving. It is possible to turn off the bratt pans and other appliances when not in use - even in the busiest of environments. 

Issues & things to check if your bratt pan is not working correctly: 

* Regular maintenance of burners are with ignition problems and ill maintained burners. 

* Keeping the burner assembly etc clean can help avoid more costly repairs. 

* If ovens do not heat evenly this can be an issue with elements, burners or thermostatic controls. 

*If there is power going to an appliance but is not switching on this is often a fuse or circuit breaker issue / trip. 


Contact us for  assistance.  

0800 334 5221

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