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Do you need somebody to repair your gas interlock system? We also do installs.

Lets get your gas interlock system working again.

Call now 0800 334 5221.

Get an engineer to your site today, call now.

We aim for next day call out, latest.

Same day call outs for contract customers.

We can fix your gas interlock system, we repair all brands of gas interlock systems, gas solenoid valves repairs, air pressure switches, current monitor, emergency stop buttons, gas detectors and more. Our commercial catering engineers are up to date with BS6173 and related regulations to help you get your gas interlock system repaired (or installed) and back to working ways. 


We do one off calls and service plans for gas interlock systems. Not a service plan owner? Don't worry, we can still help you! One of our gas interlock system engineers can get to you to repair your gas interlock system.


Contact us for a one off call out or take out a service plan today and we will aim to help you and fix your issue today. 

Call us on 0800 334 5221.

Our specialist engineers are on hand to provide call outs to your kitchen issue whether it's a gas problem, ventilation problem or your combi oven has broken down. If we can't fix on site we will provide a quote for required parts, additional works and we will provide these works as soon as we can get our hands on the parts.


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