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We repair salamander grills both electric and gas powered. 

Lets get your salamander grill working again.

Call now 0800 334 5221.


Get a salamander grill engineer to your site today, call now.

Fast, experienced and helpful service. 

Salamander grill repair specialists.

We repair and service all types of commercial electric and gas salamander grills of all manufacturing types. Salamander grills are manufactured by various companies. We provide: salamander grill repairs, Lincat salamander grill repairs, Blueseal salamander grill repairs, Falcon salamander grill repairs, Angelopo salamander grill  repairs, Hobart salamander grill  repairs, Electrolux salamander grill repairs.


We check and repair all aspects of electric and gas salamander grills. We check burners, pressure of gas burners, thermocouples, stats for gas salamander grills.  We check the working operation of electrical connections, heating elements, earth continuity, insulation resistance for electric salamander grills.

Report the issue you are having with your salamander grill and our salamander grill engineer specialist will be able to check the relevant parts of the grill to ensure a quick and efficient repair is made. We will also check the appliance as a whole to advise if its clear that future repairs will also be required. We do this to try to help you avoid unplanned maintenance


Maintenance for your salamander grill - to limit repairs:

  • Keep your salamander as clean as possible. This will avoid unplanned for maintenance on your salamander grill.

  • It is possible to keep your salamander grill off if not needed, try to work out how long it will take for your salamander grill to get to the correct temperature - this also depends on what you are using the grill for.

Contact us for  assistance.  

0800 334 5221

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