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Commercial Fryer Repair 

Commercial Fryer Repair 

We repair commercial gas fryers and commercial electric fryers.  

Lets get your rational fryer working again.

Call now 0800 334 5221.


Contact a rational service engineer. 

0800 334 5221

We repair and service commercial fryers of all types. Our catering engineers are familiar with all aspects with what is required to carry out a commercial fryer repair. We have engineers all over the Uk and near you so are able to cater for your repair requirements.


We repair gas powered commercial fryers and electrically powered commercial fryers. Some fryers are floor standing and some are table top and we are able to assist you with any of these types.


If your fryer is not working it may be due to overheating or due to the fryer not lighting correctly. But there are various other issues that are wrong with the commercial fryer. If it is a gas powered fryer please ensure your ventilation system is working and your gas interlock system is reset. 

It is important to service your appliance to limit unplanned maintenance. Such as cleaning, taking care of the appliance. We also recommend a yearly service to check if any parts need to be replaced so that you are in control of your kitchen as much as you can be. 

Get a commercial fryer engineer to your site today, call now.

Fast, experienced and helpful rational engineers.

Commercial fryer repair specialist near you. 

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