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Rational Service Engineers

We repair Rational combination ovens. 

Lets get your rational Rational oven working again.

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Fast, experienced and helpful rational engineers.

Rational combi oven repair specialists.


We repair and service all types of rational combi ovens. Our experience rational service technical engineers can provide all necessary works to your oven. From diagnosing PCB faults to identifying and cleaning lime scale build up. We can repair your rational equipment from the smallest to the larges rational ovens. We also can provide you with a maintenance regime and suggestions to keep your rational combi up and running in its best possible condition.


On all combination ovens it is essential that the appliance is checked for lime scale damage as water connections can often get blocked with lime scale damage. This can cause issues with blockages and issues with valves. Water treatment, water softeners filters and cartridges need to be checked and services and replaced to keep the combination oven in the best condition.


Daily maintenance for your Rational oven - to limit repairs:

  • Daily cleaning and checks are recommended to keep your Rational combination oven in the best condition. This will limit breakdowns, unplanned maintenance and frustrating appliance downtime. 

  • The appliance should be cleaned every day, if food debris and crumbs etc are left in the appliance this can cause breakdowns and required repairs in the future. The appliance should be cleaned out the best it can at the end of every service. 

  • We recommend that door seals are cleaned as often as possible, this will mean that the door can close as it is meant to and no heat or steam escapes from the oven. Resulting in more efficient cooking as well as avoiding unplanned seal replacements.

  • It is essential that site staff are told not to slam oven doors because this can result in required repairs and breakdown of door assembly, hingers, etc. 

  • We also recommend that site staff monitor how busy the kitchen is. The rational can be turned down or off in less busy periods. It's important site staff know how long it takes for the oven to heat up so staff don't have to worry about leaving the oven on to cater for all conditions. 

Issues & things to check if your combi oven is not working correctly: 

* Check to see if your combi oven is blocked > not steaming or working correctly > possibly need to be cleaned / descaled. 

* The oven is not turning on > check that power is working within the kitchen > check fuse box. 
* Rational oven shuts off after short amount of time > issue could be with overheating > check extraction/ventilation.

Rational Oven Ventilation & Extraction Regulations DW172. 

- It is very important that your rational oven complies with current regulations and DW172. 

- If you have a Rational oven installed and your kitchen does not comply with current regulations in terms of gas regulations and ventilation regulations and guidelines then the engineer will not allow you to operate your oven. 

- Required works such as adequate ventilation i.e. extraction hood overhang over your rational combi oven. 

- Gas interlock system to interface your oven with the ventilation system. You should not be able to operate your gas rational combi oven without your extraction and intake air being turned on. 


For more information please contact us.  

Contact a rational service engineer. 

0800 334 5221

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